Attractions at the Conero Mountain

Find out what to see staying in our flats in Offagna, Osimo, Recanati, Ancona, Camerano, Loreto and Castelfidardo.

Fortresses and Strongholds in the Conero Riviera

  • Offagna Fortress
    • apartment offagnaThe Fortress of Offagna, is an important Medieval Fortress of the Marche Region, located in the small town of Offagna. It was built by the Maritime Republic of Ancona to protect its possessions on the land, especially from the expansionist aims of the nearby and powerful city of Osimo. Offagna, became thus part of the Castles of Ancona"
  • Bolignano Fortress
    • apartments coneroThe Fortress of Bolignano is one of those castles that during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance had the purpose of defending Ancona; it still preserves many of the original features and it is private property as well as a listed building protected by the Government department responsible for monuments and other treasures.
  • Castles of Ancona
    • apartments anconaThe Castles of Ancona are those castles built or acquired by the Republic of Ancona to defend its territory. The borders of the Maritime Republic of Ancona, at the moment of its biggest territorial expansion, were approximately: the Esino river on the north-west, the Adriatic sea on the north-east, the Aspio and Musone river on the south. More precisely the north-west border was Case Bruciate..


    • Ancona
      • apartments anconaThe town of Ancona, located on the coast of the central Adriatic sea, rises on a promontory formed by the northern slopes of the Conero Mountain or Mountain of Ancona. This headland gives origin to a gulf, the gulf of Ancona, where in its inner part there is the natural harbour. In Ancona the sun rises and sets on the sea; the phenomenon is due to its elbow shaped promontory, both its east and west sides are lapped by the sea and it is peculiar to all the coasts with similar geographic position.
    • Osimo
      • apartments osimoA middle- large size town, Osimo extends on a hilly area. Its historical town centre rises on two adjacent hills, the highest of the two, on which the town Cathedral stands, is named Gomero. The hollow between the two hills, once visible in the line of the historical centre, has been levelled out with every single remaking of the layer.
    • Recanati
      • apartments recanatiRecanati stands on a hill, with an almost flat winding crest, at 296 metres on the sea level, between the valleys of the Potenza and Musone rivers. The Adriatic Sea is at about 10km east from the city. Somethimes, when the sky is clear, the mountains of Dalmatia can be spotted beyond it. Towards north, you could see the Conero Mountain falling in the water and from the other parts of the city, not closed nor limited by the closest mountains, it is possible to glimpse the peaks of the Apennines. The peaks of the Sibillini Mountains with the Vettore Mountain, the San Vicino Mountain, the Strega and the Catria are well visible as well. Even Recanati, as well as other places of the Marche region, is the typical "terrace city" due to the broad view that can be glimpsed: a good number of cities and small villages are scattered all over the broad expanse, among plains, valleys and hills.
    • Loreto
      • apartments loretoLoreto is well-known to be the seat of the Basilica della Santa Casa, one of the most important and ancient Catholic place of Marian pilgrimage. The city stands on the top of a gentle hill, with a broad countryside all around, where olive trees are grown. The shape of the Basilica's dome and belltower, where the statue of the Virgin Mary arises from, stands out for its height and magnificence. The view to enjoy goes from the Conero Mountain up to the Umbria-Marche Apennines
    • Castelfidardo
      • apartments castelfidarloStanding on a hill at 212 metres from the sea level, between the valleys of the Aspio and Musone rivers, the town of Castelfidardo is a wonderful place of the Marche region. It is well-known all over the world to be the capital of the Accordion.
    • Camerano
      • apartments cameranoSmall village nestled among the hills of the Conero Riviera, it is known for its "Rosso Conero" wine (every year in September there are 3 days of celebration among singing, dancing and tastings) and for its underground caves.


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Geographically speaking, the Conero Riviera is located in Centre Italy, in the Marche Region. The Riviera stops right in its middle the continuous sandy strip of the Adriatic coast, from Trieste to the Gargano.
The Conero Park, with the Conero Mountain or the Mountain of Ancona at its centre, is a protected area, mainly including the town of Ancona, as well as the adjacent towns of Camerano, Numana and Sirolo. The headquarter of the Ente Parco, is located in Sirolo. It was established in 1987, but its managing institution, the Consorzio of the Conero Natural Park, today known as "Ente Parco del Conero" was established only in 1991.


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The Conero Mountain, boasts more than 5800 hectares of natural park, most of which covered by a blooming and lush vegetation. Peculiar of the Mediterranean maquis , its vegetation is characterised by strawberry trees ( from the Greek name Komaròs the name Conero might come from), holm oaks, bay trees, mastic trees, juniper bushes and brooms.

This peaceful oasis of nature, nestled in one of Italy's most touristic coasts, is a protected area since 1987: Conero Mountain Park, an essential destination for hikers and those who love nature.

The Frasassi Caves

appartamenti anconaThe Frassassi Caves are an underground karst system, located inside the Gola della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Natural Park, in the town of Genga, in the province of Ancona.The complex has a series of caves, the first of which, is the Abisso Ancona: it has an extension of 180 x 120 metres and a height of 200 metres; it is so wide (over 2 millions of m3) that the Milan Cathedral can easily fit inside.

Riviera del Conero Italy

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